Things are happening every day. The world is a busy place, full of busy people. We bump into each other a lot. Sometimes we smile at one another, sometimes we ignore one another, and sometimes we get mad at each other. We are boats, bobbing along on the same ocean. The currents that connect us are more powerful than the spaces that seemingly divide us.

Faith can help us navigate crowded and choppy waters with grace, humility, and gratitude.

In my early days in Sunday school, the lessons played out on the flat surface of a flannel board. Now I see the ancient stories playing out before my eyes every day. Instead of neatly cutout two dimensional figures, the characters are real, flesh and blood people, who are trying to do their best in the midst of this messy world.

Here, I share some of what I am observing and learning as I sail along with all of you, the people to whom I am connected.