In Context

We, as Christians, bear the responsibility of taking great care in reading and understanding God’s Word, and an even greater responsibility in applying it in our choices, decisions, and actions.

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Marked: Ash Wednesday Homily, 2018

Like Jacob, who limped away from his encounter with God, we discover during the season of Lent that we bear the marks of sin, the marks of repentance, and the marks of forgiveness. As we are marked by ashes, we will hear once again that we finite and frail, destined to become again the dust from which we were formed. As we are marked by ashes, we will remember once again our Savior who bore our infirmities on the cross. As we are marked by ashes, we will affirm our hope in the promise of God’s grace and mercy that leads us to eternal life.

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A Blessed Life

Jesus teaches his followers about those who are happy and blessed. We might not be so eager to follow in their footsteps, even if it is the only way to experience true joy.

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