Living Faith

Things are happening every day. The world is a busy place, full of busy people. We bump into each other a lot. Sometimes we smile at one another, sometimes we ignore one another, and sometimes we get mad at each other. We are boats, bobbing along on the same ocean. The currents that connect us are more powerful than the spaces that seemingly divide us.

Faith can help us navigate crowded and choppy waters with grace, humility, and gratitude.

I believe that faith is a process. It begins when we discover that God has been calling us. When we heed that call, we enter into a beautiful life-giving and love-giving relationship with our Creator.

That relationship is deepened when we devote ourselves to God. God does not want to be just one more thing we add to our agendas. God does not want to be relegated to one hour a week. God wants to be the foundation upon which our entire lives are built. God wants to the the central nervous system of our very existence. We develop our faith by focusing on God. By spending time with God, conversing with God, we learn who God is and what God desires from us.

God desires that we change. While change can be hard, God wants us to be better. God calls us to become more like Jesus Christ, God enfleshed. Becoming more like Jesus is the ultimate goal of our faith. As his disciples, we learn from him, obeying his words and inviting others to discover God’s call so they, too, can join us in the journey of faith.

Here, I share some of what I am observing and learning as I sail along with all of you, the people to whom I am connected.

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