Defining Jack Miller

Full-Service Pastor

[ˈfu̇l ˈsər-vəs ˈpas-tər]

  1. presides at worship, preaches; performs weddings, baptisms, and funerals
  2. makes his own bread and wine for communion

Flexible Teacher

[ˈflek-sə-bəl ˈtē-chər]

  1. gives lessons on a variety of subjects (ironically, not yoga)
  2. effectively presents material to audiences of all ages

Conscientious Speaker

[kän(t)-shē-ˈen(t)-shəs spē-kər]

  1. tends to be thoughtful and measured in speech
  2. possesses a loud voice that people of diminished auditory ability can hear (so he’s told)

Motley Author

[mät-lē ȯ-thər]

  1. writes in a variety of forms, including sermons, articles, short stories, novels, plays, and dictionary entries
  2. utilizing the skills acquired as an English major

Did you know?

Jack Miller also loves spending time with friends and family, keeping abreast of current events, reading, and cooking. He enjoys spending free time traveling and exploring new places, hiking in the mountains, or paddling a kayak. Some people do not realize that Jack is also an amateur photographer and a necktie enthusiast.

me-tempOrigin and Etymology of Jack Miller

From Rhode Island originally, undergoing significant development in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Matriculant of Messiah College and Lancaster Theological Seminary. Ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA).